Monday, November 5, 2012


This is the way social media is supposed to work. After blogging about Jenn's custom chalkboard last Friday, I received a message from a local wedding planner-slash-Twitter friend requesting a pair of chalkboards to be featured on her upcoming segment on Breakfast Television. They had to be white with a hint of pink, vintage-y looking, lightweight, and (most importantly) ready by Sunday. Could it be done?

Why, of course!

Jaime's vision was to create small, decorative chalkboards to hang on the bride and groom's chairs. The frames themselves were pretty dull, so I tarted them up with some anaglypta (textured wallpaper) in a classic, "tin ceiling" pattern, then added a five-coat, top-secret painted effect. (Ok, ok...two coats of pink, three coats of white, and a little judicious sanding.) I used standard black chalkboard paint* on primed masonite to create the inserts for the frames and Jaime added the "Mrs & Mr", as well as the pink satin ribbon for hanging. I think they turned out really well.

Here's Jaime (and one of the chalkboards) on Breakfast Television this morning. See how the ribbon allows the frame to be hung from the back of the chair? So clever. To watch the full segment, click here.

Apart from their cuteness, the best thing about these little chalkboards is that they can be used after the wedding; either as chalkboards, or as picture frames. (I include the original glass from the frames so that conversion is a snap.) Tiny versions of the chalkboards would also make great place cards or signs on a buffet or sweet table.

Of course, custom orders are available. A pair just like the ones pictured would be $40, but prices will vary depending on size, quantity and paint finish. Please email me for a quote.

...and, should you be blinded by love and have your sights set on a fabulous wedding, destination or otherwise, look no further than the lovely Jaime from Travel & Events With Style. She'll hook you up.

*Chalkboard paint is a pretty magical thing. Just a few coats can transform nearly anything paintable into a writable and erasable surface. Watch this blog for more ideas over the next few months.

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